Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

Ewart Gallery hours 9.30am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday; 10am – 3pm Saturdays (unless stated otherwise)
closed Sundays & public holidays

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30 January to 10 February

Sculpture by James McCallum

Drinks with the artist on Thursday 1 February, 6 – 8pm

15 February to 24 February

Current Moku Students of Bronwen Wade-Leeuwen
Janice Baker, Diane Geach, Sheridan Rogers, Michele Skelton, Sharon Snir & Alison White
& other Moku Artists

Opening & drinks with the artists on Thursday 15 February, 6pm

Workshop Arts Centre Festival Of Other Arts exhibition in conjunction with Art Month, Sydney.
This project has received funding from Willoughby City Council.

1 to 17 March

“We may perhaps be inabled [sic] to discern all the secret workings of Nature, almost in the same manner as we do those that are the productions of Art.” Robert Hooke in Micrographica 1665.

In the exhibition Imag(in)ing, art and science coalesce through image and imagination. We embark on an exploration of our world at the microscopic and nano levels and see how artists respond to these infinitesimal investigations.

We began with a suite of scientific images that employ techniques spanning a few centuries, from cyanotypes (the first photography process), photogravure and digital photography, to light and electron microscopy and tomographic imaging. A group of artists working in many varied media were asked to respond to these sublime images, and their works will be displayed alongside their inspiration. There are, in effect, two exhibitions in one!

Scientists: Roger Heady, Wen Hao Kan, Alex Maier, Antonia Posada, Leonie Quinn, Melanie Rug & Tim Senden.

Artists: Julie Brooke, Lucy East, Deirdre Feeney, Szilvia Gyorgy, Bridget Kennedy, James McCallum, Bill Moseley, Tamsin Salehian, Erica Seccombe, Janet Taverner, Jane Theau & Shona Wilson.

Opening Thurs 1 March, 6pm

Gallery Hours 9.30am – 4.30pm Mon – Fri, 10am – 3pm Sat

20 March to 7 April

Works by Louise Frith, Fiona Smith & Charlotte Whitby

10 April to 28 April

Retrospective of work by past Workshop Arts Centre member, Naomi Lewis

2 May to 12 May

Ceramic work by Kwirak Choung’s students

15 May to 2 June

Annual Workshop Arts Centre members' art prize & exhibition

8 June to 23 June

Australian Society of Miniature Art (NSW) annual awards exhibition. Opening Friday 8 June at 6.30pm.