Painting in Acrylics and Oils - Brandt Lewis

Painting in Acrylics and Oils - Brandt Lewis

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

This course is for beginners and students who wish to continue practicing. No experience necessary. In this guided step by step course you will learn the fundamentals of acrylic and/or oil painting.

In the beginning weeks you will learn various methods for starting a painting from scratch, leading to a more finished painting in the middle weeks of the course. Applying various art historical painting techniques to still-life, landscape and personal projects is attempted in the final weeks.

Each session you will be introduced to new techniques to build your skills. By working in the studio, students will learn about paint materials, the fundamental skills of tone and composition, different ways of applying paint, how to organise your palette, how to name, mix and match colours and move on to larger more individual projects. Still-life subjects and/or art images are presented as a tool to develop painting techniques.
Fees cover tuition. You will need to provide your own art materials – please see the Materials List on our website.

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