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Expressionist Landscape Painting with Jo Bertini - Holiday Workshop

Expressionist Landscape Painting with Jo Bertini - Holiday Workshop

This workshop is designed for artists interested in an expressionistic approach to landscape painting and a unique approach to the Australian environment. It is intended as a master class to assist those wishing to develop an individualistic, expressive visual language and a particular abstracted thinking about the genre of landscape painting. Areas of particular focus will be brush handling, rhythm and gesture and colour and composition manipulation.

Artists are asked to bring resource and study materials such as sketch books, drawings, photography and small scale concept studies which should be sourced directly from a particular environment / landscape. These will be used in a preliminary approach that capitalises on each artist’s intuitive, instinctive strengths as well as developing skill based techniques, and understanding and resolving particular weaknesses, so that the creative process achieves a unique interpretation for each individual student to then pursue with further confidence.

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