An Experiential Introduction to Art Therapy - Lesley Miller & Phillipa Tayler

An Experiential Introduction to Art Therapy - Lesley Miller & Phillipa Tayler

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“Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy utilizing the creative modality of visual art-making within a therapeutic relationship to improve and inform physical, mental and emotional well-being”. (Anzata –the professional Association for the Arts Therapy in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore)

Art Therapy can be combined with other approaches or modalities depending on the setting or purpose. This workshop will be experiential and reflective and will utilize other modalities such as expressive therapies, mindfulness and elements of positive psychology to provide a creative and enriching group experience.

This course gives participants the opportunity to learn about and have an experience of art therapy in a group setting. Art materials will be used with a focus on the therapeutic/healing process of art making rather than creating an aesthetic end product. This very different approach for many people, includes making art (with or without a themed focus), exploring and sharing with others within a group with 2 trained art therapists as facilitators.

As with any art therapy session;
1. You do not need any particular level of artistic ability.
2. Even if you have certain artistic skills and experience, this workshop is more about curiousity, openness and willingness to explore the art making process in a new way. The images created are for personal and shared insights rather than for your wall.
3. Share what you feel comfortable with.

This group will not involve therapy as such, but provides a supportive space in which to to explore the process of art making. In this way any thoughts, feelings and experiences that might be relevant or meaningful are shared within the group. Participants are in control of their own sharing.

Fees cover tuition. You will need to provide your own art materials. Each participant is to bring an A3 visual diary/journal along with favourite pencils/charcoals/crayons.
Each week we will discuss what will be required for the following week. Unlike an art class where you may use high quality art materials, the focus is more about the process and using meaningful found objects, objects from home and recyclable materials.

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